Tuesday, September 29, 2020



This book moved very slowly for me. I tried very hard to love it like others do but it seemed to fall a bit short for me. The one thing that I dislike so much about books is transcripts between chapters and this one had them. They play an important role in the story but still, I don't like reading them. I would rather they just be in the book like the rest of the story. Not a conversation between the DI and person of interest. That said, this book was not as good to me as I had hoped it would be.

We have Laura, Mia, Jane and Jane's husband Harry. Laura went on maternity leave and had hired Mia to be a temp until she returned. But when she returned Mia was still working and was hired full time. Given a job that belonged to Laura too. A huge account and it left Laura a bit upset. It would have anyone. 

Jane gave up her career for her husband. Moved and became a full time wife and mum. She's a bit resentful towards Harry. She has a lot of secrets that will come to light. 

Mia, conniving, Mia. Who is she and what exactly does she want? Why did she take this job in the first place. I didn't like her and rightfully so it seems. Actually it was hard to like any of these characters. They were selfish in many ways, except when things were done that needed to be done for a very good reason. You will have to read this one to find that out though. I won't give anything away.

There's a fire at Morris and Wood. Someone is in the building. You will be trying to figure out who started this fire and why. What motive did they have and was murder at the top of their list? You'll hear from several people about what led up to this night. Different POVs and timelines. Transcripts from employees as taken by the DI. You'll think you figured out who did it and you may. I won't say it's impossible because it's not.

This story would have been such a good one if not for the transcripts that I personally hate to see in books. I know it's most likely just me and others love it. I won't in any way say don't read this one because you may love it where I didn't. It definitely was not the worse book I've read but it was by far not the best. It was just ok! 

Thank you to #NetGalley, #HeidiPerks, #GalleryBooks for this arc. These are my own true thoughts.

I give it a 3/5 stars and recommend you read it for yourself and decide what you think. I will read more by this author. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

It's Monday! What are you reading?


I hope you had a great reading week.
This is a weekly meme hosted by Kathryn at BOOK DATE

Post the books completed, the books you are currently reading, and the books you hope to finish at some point.
This past week I finished some very good books:

1: EVERY NOW AND THEN by Lesley Kagen
Review on my blog

2: PLAYING NICE by JP Delaney 
Review on my blog

Reading these over the next couple weeks!
Review after reading

4: A BORROWED LIFE by Kerry Anne King
Review after reading

5: BLUE STRING by Tess Thompson
Review to follow

Review to follow

7: THEY NEVER LEARN by Layne Fargo
Review to follow

8: THE GIRLS IN THE SNOW by Stacy Green
Review to follow

9: WE ARE ALL THE SAME IN THE DARK by Julia Heaberlin
Review to follow

10: AFTER ALL I'VE DONE by Mina Hardy
Review to follow

Review to follow

Mailbox Monday! 9-28-20


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I hope you had a good mailbox.

I had an AMAZING mailbox!!
Received September 22nd
1: MY ONLY CHILD by Sam Vickery
Courtesy of NetGalley & Bookouture

2: THE CHILDREN'S TRAIN by Viola Ardone
Courtesy of NetGalley & HarperVia

Courtesy of NetGalley & Gallery Books

Received September 24th
4: PROMISE ME, DAD by Joe Biden
Book mail. Best kind of mail.

Received September 25th
5: THE CHILDREN'S TRAIN by Viola Ardone, translated by  
Courtesy of NetGalley and Random House/Ballentine Delacorte Press

I was gifted a copy of Karen McQuestion's wonderful book also.
Don't you love this cover! Review is on my blog, please take a look and follow. 

Friday, September 25, 2020



What if you found out that your family isn’t yours at all? How far would you go to protect them? A gripping new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Girl Before. . . .

This book was dreadfully slow starting. I mean it took a bit over halfway to get me wanting more. I see where a lot of the first part was necessary but good grief. It just dragged on and on for too long. I also did not like the parts where the emails, letters from lawyers, and I think it was a facebook page for the one dad, were told. It was dribble for me. I just don't like that in books that I read. Make it part of the story between the people not in tiny print and supposed text between them. It is just boring to me.

That being said this book was a good story. Once it picks up it is great. The story is one that will keep you wanting to know what is happening and why. Who switched these babies and why. Was one of the parents responsible or was it truly an accident that just happened during the ride from the private hospital to the NICU. What these parents went through was horrible for sure. One set of parents were more likable than the other. Or maybe it was one dad was more likable as I didn't truly care for his mate. Pete was a good man. He loved Theo and did everything for him. His mate, Maddie, while she did love Theo, was hard to like. She seemed to be repulsed by their son from the start. Once he was born and was not carried to term and looked odd because of how early he was it seems he made her sick. She was also way to jealous of the other women around Pete. Nurses and all. They thought Pete was a great dad, as did I, yet she was very nitpicky about it. She seemed to find fault is so many things concerning Pete. Considering some things she did behind Pete's back she should count her lucky stars that she had a mate that loved her and the boy that much.

Then we have Miles and Lucy, who were a bit unlikable all the way around. Mainly it was Miles. He started being a jerk way before we even found out what was going on. He comes across as a very arrogant person who can't stand it if things don't go his way. No matter what happened or was said it was his way or he pouted like a jerk. He did not seem to care at all about David, the boy who they are raising as their own child. It seems like Lucy may be a bit human but is under Miles's thumb and does what he says when he says. 

This book is good in the sense that it is a story that will keep you turning pages and wanting to know what happens and why. But I didn't like the parts between when as I already explained where email, letters from lawyers, etc. It just didn't do it for me. This book had great promise though and is a good story for the most part. I'm sure most will love it. It was just not one of my favorites. 

Thank you #NetGalley, #JPDelaney, #RandomHouse,Ballantine for this ARC. This is my own true thoughts about this book.

I give it only 3/5 stars and do recommend you read it for yourself. We each tend to like different things.

Book blogger hop!! September 25th - Oct. 1st


 Question of the Week: 

Do you have a pet peeve about books? (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)

My Answer

Someone giving away things in a book I'm reading or going to read. Spoilers! I hate that!

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My reading list!


This is the list of books I'll read for review over the next week to week and a half. Some pretty good ones I believe!!


  This book moved very slowly for me. I tried very hard to love it like others do but it seemed to fall a bit short for me. The one thing th...